Features to Manage Your Website and Grow Your Nonprofit

Fully Managed

Managed Updates Icon In Black and White
Managed Updates

Never worry about updating plugins, themes, or WordPress again! We take care of all of that, so you don’t have to. Each update comes with a Quality Assurance check to make sure everything still looks and works the same as before. Learn more about managed updates.

Managed Backups Icon In Black and White
Managed Backups

We update file systems and databases daily and store copies in multiple locations. Easily recover data from with in the Hosting Control Panel, or by requesting help in a support ticket. The fear of losing something can now be a thing of the past with our multiple layers of redundancy.

Uptime Monitor Icon In Black and White
Up-time Monitor

Our up-time monitor watches your site 24/7 for any sign of system failure. If a problem is detected it notifies you and our technicians at the same time for immediate support.

Status Reports Icon In Black and White
Status Reports

Get weekly reports that include all of the performance and operation updates about your web site. Store them for your own records or share them with others on your team to show how awesome the web site is doing!


Free Site Transfers

Already have your site hosted elsewhere? We make migrating hosts super easy by doing all of the work for you! After you start your account with us just email your account manager and let us know you need to transfer a site. We will then get started ASAP. During this process we will keep you informed on the status and perform several layers of QA to ensure a successful migration with 0% downtime.


Litespeed Icon In Black and White
Integrated LiteSpeed Cache

Our servers are integrated with the world’s most popular server-side caching for WordPress. With LiteSpeed you can manage cache, static assets, database optimization, and more, easily from within your WordPress admin interface.

Cloudflare Icon In Black and White
Integrated Cloudflare

The Cloudflare CDN can offer an extra layer of speed and secuity. From your web hosting control panel you can easily setup the Cloudflare CDN and fully integrate your site fom with in WordPress.

WPO Icon In Black and White
Free WPO Consulting Service

Web Performance Optimization (WPO) is the process of ensuring web pages can load fast for as many users as possible. SpeedShop is our in house WPO service that is free to all customers.

1000s of Free Themes to Use!

With WordPress you have access to 1,000s of free pre-made themes and templates that you can find and install right from within your dashboard. If you aren’t sure of which is best for you, let us know and we can advise you on the best options for your needs!



SSL Certificates Icon In Black and White
SSL Certificates

Let’s Encrypt™ SSL is fully integrated into your hosting control panel. Easily setup new SSL certificates, manage redirects, and view ongoing SSL status directly inside your account.

Security Scans Icon In Black and White
Daily Security Scans

We scan all file systems, databases, and cache for known vulnerabilities on a daily basis. We also monitor any blacklisting services or databases for any activity that may harm your site. Learn more about our daily security scans.

IP Blocking  Icon In Black and White
IP Blocking

Block site scrapers, bad bots, and malicious users at the IP level with our IP blocking tools. Manage which IPs you want to block directly from your Hosting Control Panel.

Firewall Icon In Black and White
Web Application Firewall

Our servers use an intelligent Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect us from a wide range of attacks. Our WAF uses collective intelligence and machine learning to identify and block threats from millions of ‘bad networks’. Learn more about our WAF

2FA  Icon In Black and White
Optional 2FA

Lock down your user accounts with optional two factor authentication. 2FA is available for our account center interface or your WordPress back-end. Let us know if you need assistance setting this up. Learn more about 2FA.


Super Charge Your Site With Free Plugins!

Pick from 1,000s of free plugins from WordPress.org to expand the functionality of your web site. Easily integrate features and functions that can completely transform your web site or add any feature you need to drive your nonprofit’s success.

Hosting Essentials

Email Icon In Black and White
Email Hosting

Setup unlimited email accounts and email alias that come with auto responders, forwarders, filters and more. Access your email through a web mail interface and tie into a client side app with a POP3 or IMAP server.

FTP  Icon In Black and White
FTP Access

Access your file system with the File Transfer Protocol. Setup unlimited accounts for staff and contractors. Restrict users to only certain parts of the file system or allow for full access.

File Manager Icon In Black and White
Browser Based File Manager

Access your file system from any device with a web browser installed. Access your files directly from your hosting control panel.

Domains Icon In Black and White
Addon Domains

Add additional websites to your account with email, FTP, and more at no additional cost.

Bespoke Solutions Icon In Black and White
Bespoke Solutions

Have a feature request that isn’t listed on this page? Let us know and we might be able to put together a custom solution for you.

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