SpeedShop – A free Web Page Optimization (WPO) service

Unfortunately having a fast hosting provider is not the only requirement to get top speeds from WordPress. Your WordPress theme, plugins, design assets, and other features all have to be optimized to work together in order to enable the fastest user experience possible. In order to ensure that our customers experience optimum page load speeds for their users, we are providing a free Web Page Optimization (WPO) service for all existing Cloud22 customers.

The objective of this service is too increase page performance and user experience for our customers’ websites by addressing commonly found issues within WordPress themes and plugins. We utilize a four-step process to bring optimal results with zero downtime for your website. If you are interested in this type of service for your existing Cloud22 hosted website please contact us today.

1.) Diagnostics and Analysis

We begin our process by testing the site with several industry-standard diagnostic tools for speed. During this process we are trying to identify the largest single bottlenecks for speed. Understanding how we can make the biggest impact in the most efficient way is critical during this phase of the process.

2.) Project Planning

The next step is to take the information we’ve collected during the analysis and develop a project plan for optimization. This project plan will detail a list of changes that may be required to optimize for speed and a schedule of which order the changes need to take place. During this process we may advise web site changes to better accommodate page load speeds. This process will involve both support technicians and feedback from the client to best meet the needs of the site.

3.) Optimization and Testing

During this step we will be implementing the project plan outlined above. All optimizations and testings will take place on a staging server that will not impact the live operations of your website. Each optimization will be tested independently and together as a whole to make sure that the highest level of quality assurance is adhered too during the optimization process.

4.) Go Live!

Once the optimizations are complete and testing has resulted in positive improvements as well as quality assurance controls we can push the website changes from the staging environment onto production.

Speed Shop is available to all Cloud22 customers, free of charge!